A Planned Conversation: Working With Donors To Plan Their Legacy


Norma Stanley enjoyed presenting “A Planned Conversation: Working with Donors to Plan their Legacy” during a program hosted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Central Florida Chapter and Partnership for Philanthropic Planning of Greater Orlando. Planned giving is a process that an individual can use to facilitate the fulfillment or his or her philanthropic wishes and to support his or her selected non-profits and charities. Types of planned gifts include: current gifts (outright gifts – such as cash, stock, real estate, tangible personal property), expectancies (a promise to make a gift in the future – such as a provision in a Will, Revocable Trust, Irrevocable Trust, beneficiary designations (IRA/401k/life insurance policy), and deferred gifts (irrevocable transfers not available until future date – such as charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts).  Norma also discussed who needs a planned giving program, the reasons for a planned gift, how to establish a planned giving program and how to market your planned giving program and organization. For more questions, please contact Norma Stanley. read more