End of life care…who cares?

By Julia Frey.  When meeting with people to discuss estate planning for themselves and their families, often some of the hardest discussions are about “end of life”.   Now, we all hope that at our end of life we will go without any health concerns, without any lingering illnesses etc. but we just don’t know.  I recently read some statistics posted by “The Conversation Project” that stated that 90% of people think it is important to talk with their loved ones about their own wishes for end of life care —- but only 30% of people have actually had those discussions.  Similarly, 82% of people believe that they should put their wishes in writing — but only 23% have actually signed documents that deal with end of life care.  You don’t want to leave these decisions to chance, or to the government or to health care professionals who don’t know what you would have wanted.  So, I urge you to talk to your estate planning attorney and get your life-time documents (which include your end of life documents) in place.  I also urge you to talk to your parents and encourage them to do the same.  Take a look at www.theconversationproject.org as well and see if that helps you get the conversation started. read more