What happens to your emails, social media accounts, computer files, etc. when you die?

Just this week I spoke to a woman whose spouse had died unexpectedly and very young.  Her husband had done all of the finances on the computer with everything stored digitally (from his business accounts to the household bills and mortgage); and he had kept the passwords to himself.  In speaking with this individual, she had looked everywhere for a written summary of the passwords for the various accounts but could not find any written record.  She is starting to get past due notices for bills for which she has no information, and the bank accounts which were also in her husband’s name cannot be accessed until she is appointed personal representative of the estate of her late spouse. read more

When Should You Make A Will? Julie Answers Question on FOX News

By:  Julie Frey 

Today, I was given the opportunity to appear on Fox 35 News Good Day Orlando and answer commonly asked questions about wills in an interview with Ryan Elijah. Fox reported that although it’s essential to legally protect your loved ones and even your assets,  it turns out that 64% of us don’t have a Will. That is a shocking number because if we don’t create a Will, our families will be the ones to suffer. I tell my clients that as soon as they own anything, such as a bank account, a house, a car, they should create a Will. I have witnessed situations where a person did not create a Will in time and it left the family in disarray, which we helped to sort out. I have also seen situations where a person drafted their own Will through a form but did it incorrectly, so the Will was invalid, and the intended beneficiaries did not inherit the assets. In one case, the assets went to the State of Florida. To watch the video, click here. Thanks Fox 35 News for covering such an important topic! read more