Worried That a Sizeable Estate or Trust Gift Was Procured by Undue Influence?

By: Melody Lynch

Do you have a loved one who recently passed away and you are concerned that their will or trust was procured by undue influence? Although the law on undue influence has not evolved much since the seminal Florida Supreme Court case of In re Estate of Carpenter in 1971, the greying of the population in Florida has resulted in an increase in undue influence claims in the courts. In order to prove undue influence in Florida, you must demonstrate that a substantial beneficiary acquired an asset via undue influence. This person must have had a confidential relationship and must have actively procured the gift in one of the following ways: (1) presence of the beneficiary at execution of the document; (2) presence of the beneficiary when the person expressed the desire to make a will or form a trust; (3) the beneficiary recommends the attorney who prepared the will or trust; (4) the beneficiary knows the contents of the will or trust prior to execution; (5) the beneficiary gives direction to the attorney preparing the document; (6) the beneficiary secures witnesses for execution; or (7) the beneficiary maintains the will or trust for safekeeping. read more

Female Breadwinners Can’t Have it Both Ways

More and more, the “traditional” views of men and women are challenged in the context of family law proceedings. Whereas it was historically implied the mother would have majority timesharing with children, and the father would pay support to the mother for herself and the children as a result, today each case is very different because of the prevalence of both parents working, often with the mother serving as the primary breadwinner for a family. Further, fathers are requesting and exercising equal timesharing with their children on a regular basis. The following article is an interesting look at this topic with a celebrity spin –

http://time.com/3524843/halle-berry-gabriel-aubry-child-support/#3524843/halle-berry-gabriel-aubry-child-support/ read more