Can You Include a Dementia/Alzheimer’s Provision in Your Living Will?

For anyone who has witnessed a loved one die of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, you will want to know that appropriate language can be added to any Advanced Directive or Living Will which will serve to advise physicians and family members of your wishes concerning life sustaining measures. You can specify which specific life sustaining treatments you wish to have followed if your health deteriorates and you are no longer able to communicate, swallow food or water safely, care for yourself, recognize family and friends, and the condition is not going to improve. You can ensure that comfort measures are followed, but also direct family members and doctors to withhold antibiotics, food, artificial ventilation, heart regulating drugs, and any form of resuscitation.

Making your wishes known and executing an appropriate Advanced Directive when you have the capacity to do so, could save you and your loved ones needless pain and distress at life’s end.

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