How not having a Will can wreck a family.

By:  Julie Frey

I have long talked about how important it is to have your affairs in order, while you have the ability to do so.  I am a WMFE 90.7 fan, loyal listener and am currently serving as Chair of the Board.   A few nights ago on my way to the airport to pick up my son from college I was listening to “On Point” on WMFE.  The show was about a family whose mother did not have her durable power of attorney or health care documents in order and then got ill.  The family members then fought over how to care for their mother.  When the mother died, with a modest estate, the family then continued to bicker about the possessions and the small amount of money left to distribute.  The end result was a family divided.  A family who does not talk to each other.  These rifts sometimes never heal.  While thinking about one’s mortality is not fun, leaving a mess for those left behind is not a good legacy either.  Talk to your estate planning attorney who can help you prepare a plan that meets your needs and helps keep this from happening.

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